Venezia Rent with his two points hire, one in Campalto at 2 km from Marco Polo Airport and another in Jesolo at the Pala Arrex can meet all the needs of mobility by offering the best solutions: by car, buses and vans. We offer weekend solutions with maximum punctuality and availability on request, we offer a pick up and drop off, delivery and recovery from major airports in North East of Italy, Venezia Mestre Train Station, Hotels and private residences.


Venezia Rent can offer you the car in the short term but also contracts plurimensili in order to program a certain spending without incurring additional expenses.

servizi-ampiaWide choice

The fleet of Venezia Rent is composed of a large rental car fleet, which ranges from Citycar to the luxury cars to satisfy every need with professionalism since the service offered is customized from client to client constructing the rate over the duration of the Rental and distance in kilometers.

servizi-pagaFlexible payments

La Venezia Rent offers you the possibility of payment for cash as well as with major credit card or bank circuits.